Hello, My Name is

Michelle Umeadi

I am a Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist.

I would love to show you how to enjoy eating smart and live healthy

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Over a Decade Experience as a Professional Nutritionist and Dietitian

The 10-year Rule states that 10 years of training or practice is the minimum time required to become an expert in one’s field. I have had over ten years of profound experience as a practising dietitian and my simple and practical approach of working to provide nutritional therapy has yielded excellent results. 

Are you looking for a Dietitian certified by a reputable institute with the much-needed experience, track-record and reputation for treating patients’ interest as priority? One who in meal planning personalise your diet needs for optimal health and in whose expertise you can trust? Well, you found me.

What I Offer For Good Health?

One-on-One Coaching

Get one-on-one coaching on how to eat healthy

Healthy Cooking Tutorials

Healthy cooking tutorials on how to make those special meals

Monthly Group Coaching

Monthly group coaching on your diets, nutrition and physical exercise

Diet Planning

Get regular or customised diet plans that compliments your body's nutritional needs

What People Say About Me

Mr Jackreece Abili

Indeed since I had an encounter with the dietitian I lost weight significantly because she placed me on diet and also packaged a work out plan for me. Am very happy I meet her and have actually dropped weight significantly to the extent people are asking me if am sick.

Chief Samuel C Iwuchukwu

I have so far been monitored on a daily basis for the past more than three months with a recommended dietary menu.
I have had very tremendously positive results in controlling my sugar level, both in adjusting what I eat as well physical exercises.extent people are asking me if am sick.

Prof Olufemi Adesope

This is on behalf of my son. Within a space of one month my son Oludayo lost about 10kg by sticking to the diet you prescribed. Your follow-up meeting was so helpful and he was dedicated to the weight loss regime. Even though he is in the boarding house your regular weekly call on him helped him manage the weight effectively. As as yesterday, December 5, 2020 he is 140kg.

Dietary Management Of Diabetes

An easy-to-digest guide to health and happiness on the management of your diet as a diabetes patient

Health & Nutrition Articles

The Wonder Grain!

Have you heard of finger millet? It is a grain in the same family as maize, guinea corn and millet. Finger millet (or tamba as it is otherwise called) is grown in arid parts of Africa and Asia. It is a very healthy cereal, considering the wide range of its health benefits.

Unripe Plantain: A Good Source of Iron

When properly prepared, unripe plantain makes an excellent meal. It is one of the most versatile food items because it can be eaten in a variety of ways. It can be boiled, fried, roasted, mashed or grilled. Yes you read right: grilled!

Keto Diet Weight Loss Review

You most likely have not heard of a keto weight loss plan because it is not on the list of most dietitians’ favoured weight loss plans. It is in fact not on mine. I believe there are lots of other healthier, safer, and beneficial weight loss...

Professional Memberships :

British Dietetic Association
Institute For Dietetics in Nigeria
Nutrition Society of Nigeria