Low Calorie Diet Weight Loss Plan



What if I told you you don’t have to starve to lose weight? What if you learn you can have your breakfast, lunch and diner — all three meals in a day! — and still lose weight?

You’d love a weight loss plan that would allow you have your meals without hassles and at the same time allow you lose excess weight, wouldn’t you?

Well, it is very possible. Read on to learn how.


Low Calorie Diet Weight Loss Plan.

As the name implies, this is a weight loss plan that simply helps you pick food items that contain the least amount of calories, thereby reducing the caloric content of the meals you consume. In this manner, your body gets all the meals it needs to function properly and at the same time, your body loses excess weight because even though you eat your regular meals, you get to burn more than you take in.

To lose weight, it is advisable to take in less than 1700 calories in a day. What a Low Calorie Diet Weight Loss Plan does for you is that it apportions a maximum of 500 calories to each of your three regular meals of breakfast, lunch and dinner. Thus, your breakfast contains 500 calories or less, your lunch 500 calories or less, and your dinner likewise.

This is like a cheat. A cheat, I say, because it is just a clever way of eating more yet taking in less.

How Effective is this Plan?

If you’d love for me to tell you about feasible weight loss plans, then our discussion begins here. Almost all persons who struggle with their weight will consensually agree to one thing: it is difficult to not eat while trying to lose weight. In fact, the hunger seems to hit differently the moment one decides to start dieting. And I don’t mean little hunger disturbances that are easy to ignore, no. The hunger that hits at the initial stages of dieting gets so severe sometimes that you may even be tempted to ditch your whole weight loss plan.

However, this is completely natural. It is simply a direct response from your body to a change in your habit. How then do you reconcile the urge to eat with the necessity of not eating too much?

Bingo! Low Calorie Diet Weight Loss Plan!

You see, the efficacy of this plan stems from the fact that you do not skip meals when you follow it. It is a most feasible and flexible way to lose weight because since meals will not be skipped, your body will have no need of fighting back a change in eating habit.

Any “Buts”?

I always like to point out the downsides, if there are any, in each weight loss plan. In the case of a low calorie weight loss plan, even though you will be having your three regular meals, you may still be consuming less than usually used to. So be realistic enough to expect hunger pangs in between meals. In fact, reckoning that it will come can be an important step in beating it when it does come.

Want a hack?

Well, keep vegetables like cucumbers, carrots and garden eggs or fruits like mangoes and oranges handy. If the hunger turns unbearably persistent, quell it with either of these and your body will thank you for the gesture. Fruits and vegetables “deceive” hunger in that when the body demands calories, they offer vital vitamins and roughages instead — and these are nutrients essential to the general wellbeing of the body. However, do not eat more than 3 servings of fruits and 5 servings of vegetables daily.

I’ll tell you what, this has been my approach to weight loss for a while now. I schedule a daily consumption of not more than 1500 calories for myself and with sufficient level of exercise, I lose about 1-2 pounds in a week.

And trust me, you can too!

Want a Low Calorie Diet Weight Loss Plan?

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