Intermittent Fasting Plan For Weight Loss

Weight Loss Review: Can I Fast to Lose Weight?


You know how you’ve always thought of fasting as a chore only religious people relish? You’ve probably never thought of it as a healthy venture, have you?

For people of most monotheistic religions like the Christians and Muslims, fasting is a spiritual exercise. You’ll be taught its benefits to your spiritual health and the likes.

Thing is, fasting can be beneficial to your health in general. Since it involves eating less or not eating at all for a certain period, it could be harnessed for weight loss. The exciting thing about it is that to lose weight, you do not have to go on a 21-day journey without food. Nah. You’ll be surprised what I mean when I talk about fasting intermittently for weight loss.


Intermittent Fasting for Weight Loss


Perhaps fasting as you know it is an unpleasant stunt to try. You may have heard of people who go days, weeks, some even months (!) without eating any food. Yes, measures like these could be considered a little extreme. But fasting can be utilised in a healthy way that will have you lose pounds in a subtle manner.


And what’s more?: with the right food choices, you’ll barely feel uncomfortable while on this weight loss plan. What could be more pleasant than being on a weight loss plan that ensures you lose weight without having to struggle with too many inconveniences?



Will I Have to Give up My Food?

Contrary to what you’re probably thinking, this plan emphasies eating. Yes, it is more concerned with you eating, and not you staying without food. It involves a pattern that requires you eat but with a limit in your eating interval — a limit that ensures you eat at intervals of just about 8 hours in a day, while you fast for the other 16.



This is not as gruesome as it may sound. And to show you how, I’ll contextualize you.


Let’s say you’re Kemi. Kemi loves to eat (which is no crime by the way). She loves her food and cannot do without it. But the problem is, Kemi is overweight. And she wants to lose weight in a manner that ensures she does not have to totally give up her favourite foods.

So Kemi approaches Dietitian Michelle for a weight loss plan that she can follow through on and still eat her food from time to time. And Dietitian Michelle recommends Intermittent Fasting for Weight Loss to Kemi. Kemi’s fear that she has to break up with her food is allayed. She can still eat. She just has to stick to the plan Dietitian Michelle draws up for her.


A fine compromise is reached. The problem is solved. A few months later, Kemi loses weight, even though she sstill eats. All Kemi has to do is have her wholesome meals in the quantities recommended and at the intervals stipulated.


So last night, Kemi had her last meal (her dinner, that is) at 07:30 p.m. Kemi’s weight loss plan allows her to have her next meal 16 hours later. So at about 12:30 p.m. the next day, Kemi eats her next meal, a sumptuous, wholesome meal. She just fasted for 16 hours — from 08:00 p.m. to 12:00 p.m. — without even noticing it. Kemi eats healthy at a certain interval, and loses weight — all in one!


You can be Kemi.


The Catch?


Fasting intermittently guarantees fast weight loss because in the period when you fast, your body is forced to use fat stores already deposited in it.


Any Buts?


Well, there always are a few.

It is important that you make wise food choices when fasting intermittently. You must go for foods that are guaranteed to keep you fuller for a longer period. This is to prevent stomach problems, especially if your body has been attuned to eating in large quantities and very frequently. This is why you need a dietitian. Be rest assured that, with the right food choices in the recommended quantities, you stand to suffer no health problems at all.


So, are you looking for a fast weight loss program that guarantees results without posing severe health risks? If yes, you should try intermittent fasting.


P.S: Remember I told you I plan to lose weight — again — in the coming months? Well I don’t renege on my word. I have been using the Low Calorie Diet Plan for my weight loss over the years past. But I intend to try Intermittent Fasting this time. I’d like a weight loss plan that won’t put me through too much hassles.

Would you like to try it too? You will need an expert to guide you. And my, I will be glad to! Join me. I start in 3 weeks time.


I’m so excited!

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