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Most people find it most unpleasant having to wait for what seems like ages before they start to see a change in their weight. While some prefer to go slowly and steadily on their weight loss journey, others prefer to just get it over and done with in as short a while as possible.


Would you like a weight loss plan that will help you lose weight relatively quicker? If yes, I recommend to you OMAD.


What is OMAD?


OMAD is an acronym for One Meal a Day. It is a weight loss plan that involves eating just one meal in the course of a whole day. When you follow an OMAD plan, your daily diet schedule may take any of the following shapes.

Breafast √

Lunch ×

Dinner ×


Breakfast ×

Lunch √

Dinner ×


Breakfast ×

Lunch ×

Dinner √


An OMAD weight loss plan does not allow for snacks or anything except the one meal scheduled for each day. It is a rigid weight loss plan for people who prefer to take stringent measures for optimal results. Of course it allows for drinking of water at intervals to stay hydrated. But with the exception of water, nothing else is usually permitted. Your dietitian may decide to work some other liquids like green tea and zero calorie drinks into your plan but as long as you sign up for OMAD, no other meal is allowed.


How Effective is OMAD?


Very effective. If you are a regular visitor of this blog, then you would be conversant with the fact that a daily consumption of less than 1700 calories is essential to losing weight. With OMAD as a weight loss plan, this is effectively guaranteed because a meal a day is definitely a sure way of ensuring that not up to 1500 calories is consumed.


You will lose weight fast on this plan, because you most likely will not be consuming more than 1500 calories in one meal. In fact, with the right food choice, you are assured of a caloric consumption of less than 1500 a day. And if this is augmented with some good exercise, the amount of pounds you could lose in just one week could be mindblowing!




Well, there are a few.


As I have already stated, this is a rigid weight loss plan. Eating just once in a whole day would require an incredible level of discipline, especially when one has to go about his or her normal daily routines.


Hunger pangs may become unbearable to make one ditch the plan.


Sometimes, even when one manages to ignore the hunger pangs, the body may not. It could set into “fat lock” — a term I use in explaining a natural body mechanism that prevents or delays loss of flesh from starvation. So, you may apply all the stringent measures you want in order to lose weight but your body won’t let you simply because it is trying to protect you — from dying!


Would you Like a Few Hacks? Here:


Eat more filling foods. Since you are only to eat once in a day, go for foods that are filling, yet low in calories, as these could last you for a longer period than light foods.


Avoid refined foods at all cost! They tend to make you hungrier than usual because they digest too rapidly.


Source for foods with low glycemic index. These do not digest too quickly and will help you beat hunger for a longer period. You can visit previous posts for more on foods with low glycemic index.


Note ‼

OMAD as a weight loss plan is not recommended for people with underlying problems of ulcer or folks on medications that require them to eat constantly.

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