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Nutritional Assessment For Body Weight

Will you like to know you nutritional status as it relates to your body weight? 

BMI (Body Mass Index): This will reveal whether you have the right weight for your height.

Ideal Weight Ranges(IWR): Tells you the healthy weight for your bones

Excess Weight: How much you need to lose to be at your healthy weight

Waist To Hip Ratio (WHR): This tells you your risk for abdominal obesity and complications

Coaching Plans With Dietitian Michelle

  • One Hour coaching call
  • Assessment (BMI, ideal body weight ranges, goal setting)
  • Customized diet plan
  • Daily report and monitoring
  • Weekly reviews, set target and strategies
  • Feedback report for health care providers on progress

           Three Categories

  1. 4 weeks plan #50,000
  2. 8 weeks plan #100,000 (bonus video added)
  3. 12 weeks plan #150,00 (bonus video and ebook added)

Monthly Health Challenges

Challenge Yourself to live a healthy lifestyle and reap the results, good health.

  • Weight loss challenge for women #2500
  • Weight loss challenge for men #2500
  • Sugar control challenge #2500
  • Blood pressure control challenge #2500

Hospital Partnership

Would like Citadel Nutrition Consult to provide medical nutrition therapy for your clients? We will be glad to.

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