Services I Offer

Nutritional Assessment For Body Weight

Will you like to know you nutritional status as it relates to your body weight? 

BMI (Body Mass Index): This will reveal whether you have the right weight for your height.

Ideal Weight Ranges(IWR): Tells you the healthy weight for your bones

Excess Weight: How much you need to lose to be at your healthy weight

Waist To Hip Ratio (WHR): This tells you your risk for abdominal obesity and complications

Coaching Plans With Dietitian Michelle

  • One Hour coaching call
  • Assessment (BMI, ideal body weight ranges, goal setting)
  • Customized diet plan
  • Daily report and monitoring
  • Weekly reviews, set target and strategies
  • Feedback report for health care providers on progress

           Three Categories

  1. 4 weeks plan #50,000
  2. 8 weeks plan #100,000 (bonus video added)
  3. 12 weeks plan #150,000 (bonus video and ebook added)

Monthly Health Challenges

Challenge Yourself to live a healthy lifestyle and reap the results, good health.

  • Weight loss challenge for women #2500
  • Weight loss challenge for men #2500
  • Sugar control challenge #2500
  • Blood pressure control challenge #2500

Hospital Partnership

Perhaps as a doctor you would want a dietitian with whom to comanage patients who have underlying diet-related conditions. Or one with whom to set up a Medical Nutrition Therapy unit at your health facility…
Dietitian Michelle is an expert with over ten years’ experience working with patients and in partnership with health centres all over the country. She is a seasoned professional in weight loss, diet planning and diabetes management whose simple and practical therapy methods have helped countless patients manage their health better.

Guest speaking

With over a decade of experience in practice, Dietitian Michelle hosts and also makes guest appearances on:
★ Health talks
★ Radio/TV shows
★ Community sensitisations
★ Seminars and webinars
★ Social events, etc.
For bookings and guest appearances on health events, whether online or otherwise, please fill the form below