The Wonder Grain!

Have you heard of finger millet?

It is a grain in the same family as maize, guinea corn and millet. Finger millet (or tamba as it is otherwise called) is grown in arid parts of Africa and Asia. It is a very healthy cereal, considering the wide range of its health benefits.

Dietitians and nutritionists regard it as the wonder grain because of its enormous nutritional value. It is rich in:

—Dietary fibre; which makes it filling.

—Antioxidants; an important group of vitamins.

—Methionine; for enhanced skin health.

—Calcium; for strong bones.

Calcium is usually obtained from dairy products such as milk and yoghurt. But finger millet, though a cereal, supplies it generously. It is different from other kinds of millet in that it is filling and is also a good source of essential nutrients.

Finger millet is, however, not popular in Africa. Particularly in Nigeria, it isn’t grown as a staple food like rice or other grains. It is in fact a rather unusual kind of grain. In South Asia where it is also called ragi, it is a lot more popular food item. The Indians use the finger millet flour to do most of their baking, instead of refined wheat flour which is less healthy.

Its unpopularity in Nigeria regardless, the health benefits of finger millet are undeniable. Augmented with other necessities such as exercise and good diet, it can help you lose weight, control your blood sugar level, normalize your blood pressure, strengthen your bones and have a healthy glowing skin.

For pregnant or lactating mothers, eating finger millet can help with glucose control, weight loss, normalizing blood pressure, ensuring a healthy pregnancy status and optimizing infant nutrition.

Finger millet can be used in a variety of ways. Its versatility as a food is yet another of its benefits.

—You can make it into delicious pap, adding sweeteners and/or milk to your taste.
—You can make your high-fibre, nutritious pancakes with it!
—You can thicken your sauce with its smooth flour which is a lot more healthier than using refined wheat flour.
—You can bake your bread and make your chin chin, etc. with its fine flour.

Tamba (a culture-friendly Nigerian name for finger millet) has a dark, chocolatey colour and a slightly nutty flavour. It is naturally delicious and can be prepared with a variety of supplements according to taste. Its health benefits are enormous. And it tastes really delicious.

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